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Flower boxes

Many of the street signs in Covingham have Flower Boxes around them and these are maintained by local residents.

If your street does not have Flower Boxes, and you are prepared to maintain them, then you can apply for one.

Please submit an application for Flower Boxes to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The application will then be reviewed by the parish council and if agreed the clerk will apply for a license from Swindon Borough Council.

If the application is successful a box will be manufactured by the parish handyman and installed on the requested site.

The applicant will be responsible for maintaining the box abiding to the following guide lines

  • No plants must be of such a height as to obscure the street sign .e.g. small plants at the front of the box and larger plants at the rear.
  • The grassed area surrounding the box must be kept in a good state up to one meter, where possible, around the box to ensure the gang mowers do not damage the boxes

Whilst the Parish Council do not actively get involved in the regular maintenance or stipulate the contents of the boxes that have been requested by residents, they will be regularly monitored to ensure they are being used appropriately. Should the boxes appear to be unmaintained for a period of time, they will be removed and installed elsewhere. Once a box has been removed it will not be replaced by the Parish Council. For the avoidance of any doubt, the boxes will be photographed prior to removal, to confirm the condition they were found in to necessitate such action.